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Are you the victim of a slip and fall accident? Then strongly consider hiring our slip and fall injury attorneys for a strong chance at a maximum compensation payout. Our attorneys have the experience to take on a comprehensive range of slip and fall cases regardless of where they occurred. You can trust us to pour every last resource into your case so that a favorable outcome is reached. Read on to find out more about how a slip and fall case is handled:

Things That You Can Do

To help the proceedings along here is a list of things you can do:

  • Do not provide a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster unless directed to do so by your attorney
  • Ensure you receive adequate medical attention for your injuries
  • Save the clothing and footwear that was worn during the slip
  • Take photographs of the scene where the slip took place
  • Get the contact details and names of any witnesses
  • Find out the name of the real estate owners and their contact details
  • Do not make a statement that indicates who is at fault for the incident

If you do not manage to complete these, do not worry – our slip and fall injury attorneys will fill in gaps. They are competent enough to leave no stone unturned regarding achieving a maximum compensation payout.

Factors Affecting Liability

The liability of the real estate owners must be proved for the case to go smoothly. Here are some of the factors that our personal injury New Jersey lawyers will concentrate on:

  • How slippery was the floor?
  • If the floor was slippery for any unpreventable reason, then there must be adequate warning signs
  • Was the lighting in the building adequate
  • Were any unsafe objects left out on the floor which lead to the accident

These are just some of the factors that could make a case to prove negligence. You can trust our slip and fall injury attorneys to take the route that’s going to provide the highest chance of success. Contact Us Today!

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