Construction Accidents Attorneys

Did you suffer an injury on a construction site, and would like to hire a lawyer to claim compensation on your behalf? Then consider our construction accident attorneys for an opportunity at receiving the maximum compensation payout. Our lawyers have handled many construction accident cases in the past; therefore, they are well seasoned and have the experience needed to work on cases such as these. Below, find out more about the factors that can affect a construction accident case:

Type Of Accidents

  • Falling items such as concrete waste, rocks tools and other materials
  • Crane related accidents
  • Explosions
  • Falling from height due to a lack of edge protection
  • Electrocution
  • Falls due to poor quality scaffolding

Regardless of your accident type you can trust our construction accident attorneys to figure out a way of building a solid case.

How We Will Investigate

Firstly we will get in touch with the doctors to establish the severity of your injuries. Then we’ll visit the construction site to get statements from any witnesses. The scene of the accident is also examined, and photographs will be taken if required. If your accident was caused by a power tool, then the tool in question will be examined for the cause of the injury.


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