Injury Lawyers for Amusement Park Incidents

Have you recently suffered an injury at an amusement park, and would like to claim compensation for your suffering? Then consider hiring one of our New Jersey injury lawyers to help you with a settlement. In many cases amusement park owners might have been ignorant regarding the safety of their rides. If you had to pay the price for their ignorance, then don’t hesitate to claim compensation that is rightfully yours.

Difficulties That Might Arise

The biggest difficulty in a case involving an amusement park incident is proving that the owners have been negligent. Some amusement parks will try to make a settlement as quickly as possible so that they do not receive any negative publicity. However, our New Jersey injury lawyers will ensure the settlement offer is fair so that you aren’t getting short changed.

The Process

In a majority of cases the amusement park will select a representative that will handle the case. All communications will be handled by the representative, and they’ll have the power to accept and reject offers. However, before a settlement can be reached you’ll have to make an official lawsuit. This can be done by hiring our New Jersey injury lawyers.

Factors That Can Affect a Case

Our lawyers will examine a variety of factors to determine how to best prove negligence on the part of the amusement park. Below are some of the factors that we may start with:

  • The starting and stopping of the rides is too quick
  • Weight and height restrictions are not correctly set
  • There is a lack of a proper maintenance schedule
  • Rides have parts that are sharp and too exposed
  • Design defects
  • Operators have not been properly trained to run the rides
  • Lighting is not sufficient
  • Electrical wires are exposed
  • Safety locks were malfunctioning

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