Why Hire a Premises Liability New Jersey Lawyer

Have you recently been injured on private or commercial property, and would like to claim compensation for your personal injury? Then you’ll need an experienced lawyer who specializes in premises liability cases. We handle all types of premises liability cases to ensure the highest possible payout for our clients. Read on to get an idea of the types of cases our firm handles:

Swimming Pools

A swimming pool that is in a commercial setting such as a gym, community center, or hotel is under strict regulations regarding how it must be maintained. Pools have to be monitored by a qualified lifeguard. Compensation can be claimed if an incident occurs in an unsupervised pool.

Private pools need to have a fence surrounding them, which must be locked when not in use. This safety measure is designed to prevent injury or drowning. Should a child wander into a pool that wasn’t adequately locked, or an injury or accident occur due to negligence, a compensation claim can be made.

Lack of Security

Cases of theft and personal injury on property can sometimes be attributed to a lack of security. Some building regulations require security guards, CCTV cameras, locked doors, and alarm systems to be installed. A lack of these safety measures can lead to stolen property. In this instance, a claim for compensation can be filed.

Building in Poor Condition

Commercial and private buildings must be kept in a condition that is safe for people to be inside. A fall, slip, or any other type of personal injury can result due to poor building conditions. Our premises liability New Jersey lawyers can help you get compensation for your injuries and treatment if that’s the case.

The types of premises liability cases mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg. There plenty of other scenarios where you can call upon the expertise of our lawyers to get the payout you deserve. If you have questions regarding a recent accident, injury, or loss of property, our team of attorneys can help.

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