Dog Bite Lawyers

Did you suffer a dog bite that you would like to get compensation for? Consider hiring our NJ dog bite lawyers for your legal representation. We have handled many dog bite cases in the past, and have the resources to take on new cases. Read on to find out how we can increase your chances of a successful compensation claim:

Factors Affecting a Dog Bite Case

Our NJ personal injury lawyers will examine a variety of factors when examining your case, which are as follows:

  • The type of dog that bit you
  • Did you do anything to provoke the dog bite
  • What steps did the dog owner take to prevent the bite
  • The severity of the dog bite
  • The response of the dog owner once you were bitten
  • The history of the dog in question regarding dog bites

You can count on our personal injury attorneys to consider a variety of factors in each case. This ensures you can receive the maximum amount of compensation at the end of the case.

Type of Damages That You Can Claim

In our efforts to claim a high settlement value we’ll explore the following damage types:

  • Medical cost: all medical costs which you incurred from the dog bite can be compensated.
  • Damage to personal property: if the dog bite led to ripped clothing or footwear, then the claim will include the costs associated to those items.
  • Pain and suffering: dog bites that were severe might have left some psychological effects. For example, you might be looking over your shoulder when going for a walk in a park and experience panic attacks. You can receive compensation for such psychological complications.
  • Lost income: if you have to take time away from work after the dog bite, then you might have lost income. This can be compensated, but the exact amount you would have earned must be proved.

Provide as much documentation and evidence for the different type of damages as you can. If you don’t know how to do that, then get in touch with our lawyers for help. Contact Us Today!

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