Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

A catastrophic injury is defined as an injury that leaves a person unable to do any significant amount of work. Though, individuals suffering from catastrophic injuries may still be able to work in some small capacity, more often than not, it will not provide a sufficient income. Such cases typically lead to a compensation claim, because the victim will depend on the compensation money to live.

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Common Type of Catastrophic Injuries

To give you an idea of what qualifies for a catastrophic injury read the following list:

  • Bone fractures: a bone fracture can heal in a number of weeks or just a few months. However, after suffering multiple bone fractures in the same part of the body, then permanent effects can remain. This can prevent you from being able to do physical work.
  • Organ damage: an internal organ such as the heart, lungs, kidneys or spleen can pose very serious consequences if permanently damaged. It can change a person’s life, and it usually attracts a high amount of compensation.
  • Spinal cord injuries: injury to the neck and back can have serious effects regarding the maneuverability of a person. An individual with a spinal cord injury may not be able to work and exude the same amount of efforts into their daily lives as they did before their injury. In such cases our New Jersey personal injury lawyers can make a case for a high settlement.

How We Will Make a Case

To receive a fair compensation payout certain factors will need to be examined. Here is a list of the most common ones:

  • Rehabilitation services cost
  • Medical bills that were already paid, and ones that will arise in the future
  • Ongoing disability coverage
  • Amount of pain suffered
  • Loss of employment

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