Hit and Run Attorneys

Are you being charged with a hit and run offense? Then strongly consider hiring one of our NJ hit and run lawyers to provide a defense for you!

The penalties for a hit and run can be severe and our knowledgeable team of lawyers know how to handle these types of cases and what direction they should be taken in. To find out how we can be of value in your case read on!

Penalties For a Hit and Run

You will be charged with a hit and run regardless of who caused the car accident. If you took part in the accident and fled the scene of the incident, then that is enough to be charged. The charge can be a felony or a misdemeanor – this will depend on the nature of the accident. Felonies are usually only given if anyone in the accident died.

The penalty for a hit and run can be fine based, which means you’ll have to pay in the region of $5,000 to $20,000. On the other hand, you could get a prison sentence up to a maximum of 15 years.

Our NJ car accident lawyers can build a defense for you, which could potentially reduce the size of the fine and/or prison sentence. Our experienced lawyers know the best route to take to build the best defense. Contact Us Today!

Factors That Can Reduce The Severity Of The Penalty

During a hit and run case complications can come into play. For example, you might have thought there was a valid reason for leaving the scene of the accident. Or, you were afraid to stop because it was dark and believed to be in a dangerous neighborhood.

Regardless of what the case might have been, the reason for not stopping will have to be proved. If the judge thinks it’s a valid one, then it could potentially help reduce your sentence. Remember that we always act in the best interests of our clients. Therefore, you can trust us to explore every possible angle to build your defense.

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