NJ Bus Accident Lawyers

Have you recently been involved in a bus accident that has left you injured? Then you should consider hiring one of our personal injury lawyers, and together we will build a case to get you compensation for your injuries. It’s important to hire a lawyer who is familiar with bus accident laws for many reasons.

An experienced attorney will know what must be done to prove negligence in a case, which is typically the key to getting compensation. Since there are a variety of ways to prove negligence, bus accident cases can be rather complicated.

Proving Negligence

To build a solid case, it’s important to prove that the bus driver or transportation company has been negligent. This can be done by examining a combination of the following points:

  • The safety training procedures for bus drivers employed with the transportation company may not be good enough.
  • During the hiring process, not enough attention may have been paid to the qualifications of the candidate.
  • Bus mechanical failure.
  • The bus has not been properly maintained. This can include worn out brake pads and bald tires.
  • The bus was driving over the speed limit.
  • Bus driver was driving too aggressively.
  • Bus driver made an error, or was preoccupied, resulting in a lack of attention.
  • The bus driver was worked too hard by the transportation company, which could mean fatigue was a factor.

We Have a Proven Track Record

Bus accident cases can be challenging because you’ll typically be going up against a large transportation company – not an individual. However, our knowledge of bus accident cases means we know what steps must be taken to achieve a favorable outcome.

Buses are large vehicles and as such, must be handled with care. Even the smallest of mistakes can cause damage to the vehicles of nearby drivers, and potentially result in personal injury to passengers.

If you have been unlucky enough to be hit by a bus, then make sure to get in touch with us.We will explain what you can expect from your case, and how we will build it for you. Don’t wait contact us today! 

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